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A new take on the luxury SUV coupe? Cadillac GT4 expected next year


Recently, attention of editor was attracted by a new car displayed on official website of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new car is called Cadillac GT4, which is also first domestic Cadillac SUV named after GT. It is positioned as a compact SUV. Compared to same level XT4, it has a sportier coupe design. in entry-level compact SUV market with luxury brands, giving younger users more choices.

Exterior design tends to be more sporty

A new take on the luxury SUV coupe? Cadillac GT4 expected next year

Because it is called GT4, it will naturally have different characteristics from traditional SUVs in terms of exterior design. The front of new car adopts Cadillac's new family-style design language. The combination of iconic shield-shaped grille and car logo continues to highlight brand's signature features, while ultra-slim daytime running lights and headlights at bottom form a split pattern. , The design will become more recognizable, which is also one of popular design trends.

A new take on the luxury SUV coupe? Cadillac GT4 expected next year

Compared to XT4, leaner bodywork has become an iconic feature of coupe-SUV, and side lines are likely tucked towards C-pillar, creating a visual effect where rear lines are relatively tucked in. . The angled design of rear lights and shield-shaped license plate area at rear of car echoes design elements at front, and lines at rear of car seem to be very rich, creating a very layered visual effect.

A new take on the luxury SUV coupe? Cadillac GT4 expected next year

It can be seen from ad image that new car adopts a double-sided four-outlet exhaust port design, and sporty atmosphere is also very strong.

A new take on the luxury SUV coupe? Cadillac GT4 expected next year

At same time, new car will also have a dual appearance, and a different configuration from sports version will have a hidden exhaust layout. The length, width and height of Cadillac GT4 is 4633/1878/1535 (mm) and wheelbase is 2800 (mm), which is a relatively standard size for a compact SUV.

The interior design hasn't been revealed yet, but interior design of Cadillac Ruige's recently released all-electric SUV will be a more valuable guide.

In terms of power, GT4 can be equipped with 1.5t and 2.0t powertrains. The maximum output of 1.5t engine can be up to 204HP, and maximum output of 2.0t engine is 230HP .With. also two engines that carry a lot of responsibility under GM E2XX platform.

Output. Expand your segmented product line and target a younger audience

The Sporty SUV or coupe is a model that many brands have been trying out in recent years. Well-known models include Mazda CX-4 of yesteryear, huge Volkswagen Touron X or Audi Q3 Sportback and other models, and since launch of Cadillac GT4 it has undoubtedly been aimed at competing products such as Audi Q3 Sportback, Mercedes-Benz GLA and even on compact sport utility vehicles such as BMW X2.

A new take on the luxury SUV coupe? Cadillac GT4 expected next year

The purpose of this is undoubtedly to attract attention of younger users. Based on body data, Cadillac GT4 is nearly 10 cm shorter than its own XT4 product, but its body and wheelbase are longer and wider. In terms of visual presentation, it's easy to create a hatchback-like feel, but height restriction can affect performance of car's seating position.

You should be aware that one of most unsatisfactory elements of current XT4 in terms of product strength is that rear space is too narrow and GT4 could suffer even more in terms of rear space performance due to body shape. ", this is clearly not good news for viewers. After all, even if it is a younger and sportier model with more rights and interests for driver and front passengers, as far as viewers are concerned, it is more than 200,000 yuan to buy it. SUV users will more or less relatively high space requirements in back row, so seating in this car may be a key point that determines whether this car will be sold.

The Cadillac GT4 is reported to be officially launched in mid-2023, with corresponding trim level and interior details to be gradually announced over next time period.