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Volvo EX90 preview released, equipped with lidar to improve efficiency of automated driving.


Some foreign media have published a series of teasers for a new Volvo car that will become Volvo's new flagship model in future, successor to current XC90, and is expected to be called EX90. Patent images of Volvo EX90 have been leaked online before. In addition to hazy images of exterior, this preview image also gives some details.

The general outline of new car can be seen from exterior, which matches previous patent drawing. The new car still uses iconic Thor's Hammer headlights and uses a slimmer headlight set. The rear of car is a C-shaped taillight with proprietary characteristics.The design of taillight puts more emphasis on simplicity and integration.Judging by light effect, it does not seem to be through.

Compared to hazy appearance, previewing some of details is a highlight. It can be seen that front panel will have a closed air intake grille, which is not surprising for purely electric models. The car logo integrated into the web design is also interesting.

The roof is equipped with lidar. In addition to improving car's handling, I'm more interested in how this will affect safety that Volvo is proud of.

Not surprisingly, side door handles are hidden. The traditional Volvo waistline creates a simple and stylish shape. Based on previous patent drawings, new car will appear slimmer than XC90.

The design of rim is of low rolling resistance design. After using special hub cover, internal screws are completely hidden, in line with simple appearance.

According to available information, drag coefficient of new car is only 0.29. For an SUV, this drag coefficient is very striking. I believe that it will be a great help in ensuring silence and reducing power consumption.


Although we haven't been able to see it in its entirety yet, Volvo's new flagship will debut very soon, on November 9th. Based on current information, Volvo EX90 continues to follow Volvo tradition and has been improved in terms of energy efficiency and intelligence, and we will continue to pay attention to dynamics of model.